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Kenyan newspaper issues correction

October 16th, 2009 Comments off

It was reported on that a 2004 web article from the Sunday Standard newspaper in Kenya mistakenly used the phrase “Kenyan-born” referring to then senatorial candidate Barack Obama. (The anti-Obama web site WorldNetDaily devoted a major article to fanning suspicion and raising doubts about Obama over the thing.) Since then, the Kenyan newspaper has issued a correction, saying:

A major sign of hope is embodied in Obama’s personal background as a product of at least three civilisations (American, African and Islam), with a wider multiculturalism in Indonesia, when he was a child, and in Hawaii, where he was born and spent much of his childhood.

Obot free zone?

October 4th, 2009 Comments off

Normal View

What was that the Joker said to Batman, “you made me?” There would be no Obots without the Birthers. It is the Birther’s attempt claim normalcy for their insane view of the world that drives the Obot jihad to quell the fire, stem the flood, expose the lies and stop the madness!

Bozo the Clown

Birther View

Here is an island of sanity on the Internet, a respite from the Birthers. In case you haven’t noticed, the blog’s About page has changed to make it clear what our tag line, “Birthers need not apply” means.

This brings us to the tangled mass of web sites making up the Texas Broadcasting Network, and its forum illiterately labeled, “This Forum is a OBOT free zone”. Struggling to communicate their twisted view of the world, they have taken to calling President Obama: “OBOZO”. This as much as anything demonstrates their distorted perception of reality that turns Barack Obama into Bozo the Clown.

There you go again, Janet

September 20th, 2009 Comments off

Janet Porter, the right-wing fundamentalist purveyor of lies about Barack Obama and promoter of the infamous fake travel ban to Pakistan is back as a shill for a fantastic story about a conversation between  the shadowy figure Tom Fife and an unnamed Soviet couple in 1992. (Could it get any fuzzier?) We have the story courtesy of right-wing front faux news organization, WorldNetDaily who frequently serves as Porter’s mouthpiece.

Typical for tall tales like this, the writer attempts to gain credibility through unverifiable claims that the teller is somehow connected with the intelligence community. In this case, it’s the Defense Intelligence Agency instead of the staple CIA. What is the claim? Barack Obama is a Soviet sleeper agent. The story is has all the hallmarks of fabrication and none of the hallmarks of something that could ever be verified.

Birthers will say anything.

US House of Representatives unanimously rejects birther nonsense

September 19th, 2009 Comments off

In House Resolution 593, the 111th Congress (2009) unanimously stated, “the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961”.

The Congress of the United States, in joint session, already certified the election of Barack Obama as President without objection. Birthers cannot seem to get their minds around this fact. It is, of course, the nature of a delusion for the delusion to seem real, and for the holder of a conspiracy theory to see every contradiction to their theory as proof of how deep the conspiracy runs.

Federal judges are deemed traitors; the Supreme Court are labeled “WUSSY”; and the Congress called “gutless”.