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Birther movement officially ends

With Jerome Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? setting records for plummeting sales, and World Net Daily having devolved back to the typewriter, the birther movement is over. We’ve turned the clock back to 2008 when the birthers were no … Continue reading

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Jared Loughner relationship with WorldNetDaily

Speculation abounds about the motives of the Arizona mass shooter, but Internet rag WorldNetDaily has rushed to claim Loughner was taught by Barack Obama. Why? What are they trying to divert attention from? A logical and obvious conclusion is that … Continue reading

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There you go again, Janet

Janet Porter, the right-wing fundamentalist purveyor of lies about Barack Obama and promoter of the infamous fake travel ban to Pakistan is back as a shill for a fantastic story about a conversation between  the shadowy figure Tom Fife and … Continue reading

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