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Birther movement officially ends

June 25th, 2011 Comments off

With Jerome Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? setting records for plummeting sales, and World Net Daily having devolved back to the typewriter, the birther movement is over. We’ve turned the clock back to 2008 when the birthers were no more than a few nut cases with web sites and the news media completely ignored them.

Barack Obama brilliantly describes the end of the birthers in his book, Dreams from My Father, when he says:

I watched the man set the bird down, pinning it gently under one knee and pulling its neck out across a narrow gutter. For a moment the bird struggled, beating its wings against the ground, a few feathers dancing up with the wind. Then it grew completely still. The man pulled the blade across the bird’s neck in a single smooth motion. Blood shot out in a long, crimson ribbon. The man stood up holding the bird far away from his body, and suddenly tossed it high into the are. It landed with a thud, then struggled to its feet, its head lolling grotesquely against its side, its legs pumping wildly in a wide, wobbly circle. I watched as the circle grew smaller, the blood trickling down to a gurgle, until finally the bird collapsed, lifeless on the grass.

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Jared Loughner relationship with WorldNetDaily

January 10th, 2011 Comments off

Speculation abounds about the motives of the Arizona mass shooter, but Internet rag WorldNetDaily has rushed to claim Loughner was taught by Barack Obama. Why? What are they trying to divert attention from?

A logical and obvious conclusion is that WND is covering up its own long-standing relationship with Loughner, and the fact that Loughner has been writing articles for Joseph Farah and WND for years under several pseudonyms.

Knowledgeable sources confirm the likelihood of such a connection.

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There you go again, Janet

September 20th, 2009 Comments off

Janet Porter, the right-wing fundamentalist purveyor of lies about Barack Obama and promoter of the infamous fake travel ban to Pakistan is back as a shill for a fantastic story about a conversation between  the shadowy figure Tom Fife and an unnamed Soviet couple in 1992. (Could it get any fuzzier?) We have the story courtesy of right-wing front faux news organization, WorldNetDaily who frequently serves as Porter’s mouthpiece.

Typical for tall tales like this, the writer attempts to gain credibility through unverifiable claims that the teller is somehow connected with the intelligence community. In this case, it’s the Defense Intelligence Agency instead of the staple CIA. What is the claim? Barack Obama is a Soviet sleeper agent. The story is has all the hallmarks of fabrication and none of the hallmarks of something that could ever be verified.

Birthers will say anything.