Learn the depth of birther craziness. Here is the unvarnished truth about the birthers. We leave no stone unturned; we pull no punches; we lay it all out in the light of day.

Visitors should understand that this blog considers birthers, and their denialists friends, conspiracy theorists and tax resisters all nut cases. Nut case ideas are published here solely for the purposes of refutation and ridicule. This means that if you have an objection, you just might as well hold it in until your explode, because your comments will not be approved.

I have had comments questioning the credibility of the information published here. I could care less what you think. This blog is modeled on birther blogs. This means that I am always right, dissenting opinions are stupid and not to be published, and facts are secondary to the overall purpose of the blog: showing that birthers are, in the words of Senator Lindsey Graham, “crazy.” I will say that the material here is 1000 times more accurate and factually supported than anything you will ever see on a birther web site. Birthers are outright liars.