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Kenyan newspaper issues correction

It was reported on Obots.org that a 2004 web article from the Sunday Standard newspaper in Kenya mistakenly used the phrase “Kenyan-born” referring to then senatorial candidate Barack Obama. (The anti-Obama web site WorldNetDaily devoted a major article to fanning … Continue reading

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Birthers wet pants over newspaper mistake

Any fool knows Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961. Nevertheless, Birthers are going into orgasms of delight over a mistake printed on a Kenyan web site back in 2004, describing the then Senate candidate Barack Obama as … Continue reading

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Phil did what????

The nutty nobot blog, Repubx.com, reports an odd story. It says that Phil Berg has subpoenaed the Kenyan Ambassador for Obama’s birth certificate. Repubx even has pictures of the HANDWRITTEN subpoena. (What’s wrong Phil, you have to hock your typewriter?) … Continue reading

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