Birthers wet pants over newspaper mistake

Any fool knows Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961. Nevertheless, Birthers are going into orgasms of delight over a mistake printed on a Kenyan web site back in 2004, describing the then Senate candidate Barack Obama as “Kenyan-born.” Blogs, forums and message boards are awash with hype and speculation that this finally is the key they need to unlock the hoard of incriminating evidence that they imagine lies behind the iron curtain of Obama’s perceived intransigence.

Speculation abounds about how the birthers found this obscure article which doesn’t appear to be on any search engine, and it has been suggested that the article is a fake; but that’s not likely. More likely is the fact that Barack Obama (the President’s father) was born in Kenya just led to a little confusion. I mean after all, if folks today can’t find a shred of evidence to support the crazy idea the President was born in Kenya today, how could a newspaper back in 2004 have found anything (particularly when the article was just a small Kenya-twist embellishment on an AP story).

Oh, you say, there is a great conspiratorial cover-up of the evidence? Sure, OK. [Obot1 backs away slowly, making no sudden moves.]

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6 Responses to Birthers wet pants over newspaper mistake

  1. Montana says:

    Wow, don’t they get it they are being punked. Remember that other internet document that turned out to be FAKE, this is another one. They are getting punked.

  2. sus says:

    But you can find that article elsewhere. Of course, it excludes the Kenyan born part.

    Note that the article in the Kenyan website does not include credit to the AP author.

    However, this one from a San Diego site does. Note that the article is credited:

    and in the LosAngeles Times:

    and in the The Lawrence Journal-World.

    Because the Kenyan site was slammed with email, an article came out 10/18/09 addressing Obama’s birthplace. Same site as the one the birthers are using. Of course the birthers will claim coverup.:

    Are we having fun? LOL! Birthers make me laugh. They don’t accept the Hawaiian Birth Certificate, yet accept a fake Kenyan one.

    They don’t accept news articles in Los Angeles, San Diego, Lawrence, but will accept the African site.

    Too freakin’ funny.

  3. richCares says:

    there is no mention of Kenya in the original AP story, what do you thinh that means?

  4. harley says:

    …You would have to be a blithering idiot to believe obama was born in hawaii..There is no record of his birth in hawaii, no friends knew him, no class-mates, no one knew anything about him..

    [Ed. Most of the birther stupidity deleted]

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