Flat earthers demand to see world’s birth certificate

Flat Earth map

Flat Earth map

Taking a page from the birther playbook, flat earthers (people who deny the earth is roughly a sphere, but rather claim that it is a flat circular plane) have argued that they haven’t seen a birth certificate for the Earth and are holding out for one before they are willing to agree that the Earth is shaped like a ball instead of a coin. (That big white circle around the map at left is Antarctica.)

I understand that some preliminary contacts have been made between The Flat Earth Society and Dr. Ron Polarik about using his computer imaging expertise to expose the government’s fake photographs of the earth from space which flat earthers claim has been “Photoshopped”.  (Dr. Polarik has of recent times been using an argument based on President Obama’s Certification of Live Birth to show that space aliens and the abominable snowman are imaginary.)

A coalition of conservative Christians have made it clear that they do not need to see the world’s birth certificate to reject the flat earth model. They know that the earth, according to the Bible, has four corners.

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2 Responses to Flat earthers demand to see world’s birth certificate

  1. Ron says:

    So tell me, what do you REALLY know about our President and his background?

    • obot1 says:

      I know a hell of a lot more about he President’s background than I know about yours!

      But seriously, Obama has been a public figure for years. He’s been investigated up and down by opponents, and he’s published a very revealing autobiography (which I daresay you haven’t read). I personally know more about Obama than any other public feature in history, except maybe Abraham Lincoln.

      Have you seen Lincoln’s birth certificate? I didn’t think so.

      I think YOU are hiding something: a total lack of common sense.

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