It’s approaching 3 years since I announced the official end of the birther movement. Two significant events have happened since then. A nut-case sheriff in Arizona appointed some conspiracy theorists to investigate Obama and they gave some false hope to birthers and kept the brain-dead movement on life support. The second event, the historically important one, was the re-election of President Obama to a second term.

Conspiracy theories never die, but birthers’ relevance died on November 6, 2012. Some just haven’t realized it yet.


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Birther movement officially ends

With Jerome Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? setting records for plummeting sales, and World Net Daily having devolved back to the typewriter, the birther movement is over. We’ve turned the clock back to 2008 when the birthers were no more than a few nut cases with web sites and the news media completely ignored them.

Barack Obama brilliantly describes the end of the birthers in his book, Dreams from My Father, when he says:

I watched the man set the bird down, pinning it gently under one knee and pulling its neck out across a narrow gutter. For a moment the bird struggled, beating its wings against the ground, a few feathers dancing up with the wind. Then it grew completely still. The man pulled the blade across the bird’s neck in a single smooth motion. Blood shot out in a long, crimson ribbon. The man stood up holding the bird far away from his body, and suddenly tossed it high into the are. It landed with a thud, then struggled to its feet, its head lolling grotesquely against its side, its legs pumping wildly in a wide, wobbly circle. I watched as the circle grew smaller, the blood trickling down to a gurgle, until finally the bird collapsed, lifeless on the grass.

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Hawaii throws concrete life preserver to drowing birthers

Donald Trump's "presidential timber"

It’s been a bad two weeks for the birthers. Donald Trump pushed birtherism into the “main stream” and the birther armada became a sitting duck for every political pundit in the country with a news outlet. Withering fire from the SS FactCheck and the submarine PolitiFact out of Tampa, Florida, was joined by thousands of automatic rounds from local newspapers across the country.

Birther messiah Trump himself has shown what a “small person” he is characterwise, as he lashes out at anyone who criticizes him, most notably Bill Cosby who only pointed out the obvious, that Donald Trump was “full of it.” The thought of Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger is truly terrifying.

As birthers scrambled to stay afloat among the wreckage of their movement, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, former Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, one of two Hawaiian officials to inspect Barack Obama’s long form hospital birth certificate that proves he was born in Hawaii, threw a concrete life preserver to the drowning birthers in the form of her revelation that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was SIGNED BY A DOCTOR. No more of this grandmother fraud crap.

Birthers are squealing like stuck pigs. Birth certificate forger Lucas Smith countered with another pack of lies in a sworn affidavit in the case of Theresa Cao; Mario Apuzzo has put his slime engine on overdrive and the rest of the birther mob is screeching and whining about how unfair it is for the Obots to use facts.

Tough turkey, birthers — eat concrete.

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Jared Loughner relationship with WorldNetDaily

Speculation abounds about the motives of the Arizona mass shooter, but Internet rag WorldNetDaily has rushed to claim Loughner was taught by Barack Obama. Why? What are they trying to divert attention from?

A logical and obvious conclusion is that WND is covering up its own long-standing relationship with Loughner, and the fact that Loughner has been writing articles for Joseph Farah and WND for years under several pseudonyms.

Knowledgeable sources confirm the likelihood of such a connection.

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Orly makes child sacrifice to get Obama

orlyscreamIt makes me want to vomit. Orly Taitz has started one of her witch hunts investigations only this time the victim is a child, an innocent child who lived only 55 days and whose only crime was to have “Obama” as part of her name. There for all to see on the Taitz cesspool blog is her name, date of birth, date of death, her Social Security number, and the dirty paw marks of Orly Taitz, sending out her flying zombie  monkeys followers to seek birth and death certificates for the child.

Why? To add the sick, Sick, SICK assertion that the child’s death was some sort of Obama family ritual satanic murder to the Orly repertoire. This child has parents. Orly have you no decency left as a mother or has your obsession with destroying President Obama consumed you totally?

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Orly goes double or nothing

Unrepentant Orly Taitz

Unrepentant Orly Taitz

In a desperate gamble against incredible odds, crusading nobot lawyer, Orly Taitz, already rejected by her client, presses on by filing an appeal of her $20,000 sanction by federal judge Clay Land in Georgia.

Having her lawsuit, Rhodes v. MacDonald, identified as “frivolous”, the unrepentant Taitz is now filing a frivolous appeal with the Circuit court  of appeals. Perhaps mail order lawyer Taitz is unaware that not only are there rules against filing frivolous lawsuits, there are also rules against filing frivolous appeals.

RULE 38. Frivolous Appeals–Damages and Costs

If a court of appeals determines that an appeal is frivolous, it may, after a separately filed motion or notice from the court and reasonable opportunity to respond, award just damages and single or double costs to the appellee.


What is her argument? Bias by the judge. What is the proof the judge was biased? He didn’t rule her way. She actually wrote:

…the court proved its pervasively  extreme and outrageous (extrajudicial) prejudice and bias against the undersigned [yes, she remembered to sign it] counsel by not only denying her Motion to Recuse but also her Motion for Extension of Time to Respond… [citations omitted, emphasis in original]

And here it is, the whole notice for your r0tten vegetable throwing pleasure:

RHODES v MacDONALD – 29 – NOTICE OF APPEAL – Gov.uscourts.gamd.77605.29.0 by Jack Ryan

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President to ban Christianity

According to several prominent clergyman, the President intends to ban Christianity, as reported in The Daily Beast web site.

The New England clergy…  accused him [the President] of conspiring to ban Christianity and terrorize its adherents.

Oh, did I mention that the president being mentioned was Thomas Jefferson?

Nothing going on here. Move along.

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Somebody buy Orly a new black marker, please!

The following is a notice from the federal court electronic filing system:

IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT NOTICE OF REDACTION RESPONSIBILITY: All filers must redact: Social Security or taxpayer-identification numbers; dates of birth; names of minor children; financial account numbers; and, in criminal cases, home addresses, in compliance with Fed. R. App. P. 25(a)(5), Fed. R. Civ. P. 5.2 or Fed. R. Crim. P. 49.1 or Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9037. This requirement applies to all documents, including attachments.

Birther lawyer (and I use the term loosely) Orly Taitz filed documents with the US District Court for the Central District of California with some of her nutty social-security number stuff. However, instead of fully obliterating the social-security numbers of one innocent victim from Connecticut, her scanned images clearly expose the number along with the fellow’s name and a date of birth for which there was no attempt to obscure.

Orly the Inept, however, miscategorized her filing, and so received a notice of deficiency from the court. So given the opportunity to correct her failure, what does Orly do? Files the same thing again.

Also included in Orly’s filing was the social-security number of a deceased person, something that is public information. I will show that following in order to demonstrate the sloppy redaction.



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