Hawaii throws concrete life preserver to drowing birthers

Donald Trump's "presidential timber"

It’s been a bad two weeks for the birthers. Donald Trump pushed birtherism into the “main stream” and the birther armada became a sitting duck for every political pundit in the country with a news outlet. Withering fire from the SS FactCheck and the submarine PolitiFact out of Tampa, Florida, was joined by thousands of automatic rounds from local newspapers across the country.

Birther messiah Trump himself has shown what a “small person” he is characterwise, as he lashes out at anyone who criticizes him, most notably Bill Cosby who only pointed out the obvious, that Donald Trump was “full of it.” The thought of Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger is truly terrifying.

As birthers scrambled to stay afloat among the wreckage of their movement, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, former Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, one of two Hawaiian officials to inspect Barack Obama’s long form hospital birth certificate that proves he was born in Hawaii, threw a concrete life preserver to the drowning birthers in the form of her revelation that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was SIGNED BY A DOCTOR. No more of this grandmother fraud crap.

Birthers are squealing like stuck pigs. Birth certificate forger Lucas Smith countered with another pack of lies in a sworn affidavit in the case of Theresa Cao; Mario Apuzzo has put his slime engine on overdrive and the rest of the birther mob is screeching and whining about how unfair it is for the Obots to use facts.

Tough turkey, birthers — eat concrete.

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