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Georgia attorney calls Orly Taitz “nuts”

October 13th, 2009 1 comment
Taitz with fake birth certificate

Taitz with fake birth certificate in Columbus, GA

In an article in the Columbus Georgia Ledger-Enquirer newspaper, local lawyer William Mason called Orly Taitz “nuts”.

“She’s nuts,” Mason said. “Based on what I saw and read, she’s nuts.” … “First of all, a lawyer has an ethical duty not to advance an argument that either you know is not true or you do not have an honest basis to argue,” Martin said. “She’s the type of person who gives lawyers a bad name.”

That reminds me of what attorney and CNN legal affairs consultant Jeffrey Toobin said about an earlier round of birther lawsuits, way back in 2008: “whack-job”, “total bull”.

The Ledger-Enquirer has had some great coverage of the Rhodes v MacDonald lawsuit in their home town.

Birthers think all blacks look alike

October 3rd, 2009 Comments off
AG Holder

Eric Holder

In a remarkable legal brief, Attorney Taitz, included this affidavit:

BEFORE ME, the undersigned Notary, Lamar Rozier
on this 26th day of September, 2009, personally appeared Robert D. Douglas, known to me to be a credible person and of lawful age, who being by me first duly sown on his oath deposes and says:

On the day of he hearing for Major Stephan Cook before Federal Judge Clay D. Land, Columbus, Ga., my wife, my wife’s sister, her husband and I had entered the little coffee shop directly across from the Court House while waiting for the doors to open to the public. I was sitting in the small seating area, set aside for their customers, while facing and looking directly at the entrance to the shop. All persons entering had to pass withing 8-10 feet from where I was sitting.

NOT Eric Holder

NOT Eric Holder

I looked up and immediately recognized an individual entering and approaching the serving counter, due to his well known TV displayed distinguishing features: his trim upper lip mustache, not large of stature and general olive complexion. I knew instantly it was non[e] other than Eric Holder, the current Attorney General of the United States. I called this to the attention of those present and all agreed it appeared to be who I readily recognized. He entered unguarded, no accompanying entourage and probably thought he would not be recognized.

Not Eric Holder

Not Eric Holder either

Red flags went up immediately in my mind and the questions remain, as yet. Why does the Attorney General of the United States need to be present in an obscure hearing well of his beaten path? Could it possible be, since Holder did not present himself in open court, he may have had a little “whisper in the ear” to a Federal Judge in order to bias his judicial vision and adhere to the President’s agenda of obstruction?

Only Judge Clay D. Land can answer those question.

Robert D. Douglas

What’s the problem? The hearing in question was in Georgia on July 16th. Holder was in California on that day. I guess to birthers all blacks look alike.

Orly headed for FEMA gulag

September 22nd, 2009 Comments off

In the mind of Orly Taitz, birther lawyer, the world is a very different place from the one inhabited by normal people. Not only is President Obama an illegal alien, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is preparing a string of “concentration camps” to incarcerate all the real “patriotic Americans” (i.e., those who share her delusions).

When Judge Land in Georgia pointed out for the world that Orly Taitz had brought a lawsuit with no legal merit for the purposes of publicity, and threatened a $10,000 fine, Orly struck back calling the judge a “traitor” and saying she was about to be sent to the “FEMA Gulag“.

I hope they don’t have Internet access in the FEMA Gulag. I for one will be glad to be rid of her.

How to choose a dentist

September 19th, 2009 3 comments

Would you go to a dentist who had never filled a tooth before? How about a dentist that was supposed to pull one tooth, but decided on their own, and without asking you, to pull out another one?

That’s a good comparison to Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq.

Under questioning by Texas judge Burt Carnes (Brockhausen v. Andrade) Orly Taitz admitted that she has never tried a case. Then in Georgia, after sanctions were threatened, Orly filed a motion to reconsider without considering the risk she was putting her client in!

Here’s what Orly’s client, Connie Rhodes, said:

Please withdraw the motion to stay that Ms. Taitz filed this past Thursday. I did not authorize it and I do not wish to proceed. Ms. Taitz never requested my permission nor did I give it. I would not have been aware of this if I had not seen it on the late news Thursday before going to board my plane to Iraq…

Furthermore, I do not wish for Ms. Taitz to file any future motions or represent me in any way in this court. It is my plan to file a complaint with the California State Bar due to her reprehensible and unprofessional actions.

While she has never tried a case, she certainly has lots of experience having them dismissed.