Birther cat fight

Do not try this at home!

The Orly Taitz web site is a minefield of malicious software that can destroy your computer. Don’t go there. You have been warned.

Orly pours dirt on self (see below)

In an article today, Birther lawyer Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq, RSVP, EIEIO says:

It was reported to me by an Attorney Larry Miller and a number of other parties that Willey [sic] Drake is again saying things that are absolutely not true.

1. Willey [sic] Drake is spreading rumors that I was kicked of [sic] the legal team in Barnett et al v Obama, that Gary Kreep is the only attorney on the case.

2. Gary Kreep is sending heavy solicitations through the media, specifically WND and Newsmax, completely misrepresenting the case and presenting it as if he is the only attorney on the case.

3.  Willey [sic] Drake claims that I no longer represent Alan Keyes  – that is a lie. [No wonder they fired you. You can’t even spell your own client’s name!]

…Kreep recently filed a motion to severe [sic] the case, which I stipulate to (I agree to). I used this motion to simply pour dirt on me. [huh?] Most of it is not true or misrepresentation of what really took place. For example he claimed that I couldn’t serve the case properly. This is nottrue [sic]…. Judge Carter stated at the hearing on July 13ththat [sic] I should just serve the US attorneys for expediency or the case will be dragged [sic].

…Ii[sic] am pretty busy, but keep in mind one thing. Kreep ran solicitations this whole year telling people "[sic] I’ll fight for you, [sic] I’ll file law suits every time Obama signs a law or executive order. In reality he didn’t file one single law suit, absolute zero [brrrr!]. He just joined me in prior [sic] case in state court and squeezed himself [sic] in this case…

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