Taitz hit with 2nd CA Bar complaint

Cleveland lawyer, and native-born United States citizen, Subodh Chandra filed a complaint against birther crusader Orly Taitz with the California bar–at least the second formal complaint to be so filed. In explaining his reasons for filing the complaint Chandra said:

While lawyers have a wide range of latitude to advocate for their clients, they do not have professional license to just make things up. In a self-regulating profession, lawyers have a responsibility to report when other lawyers engage in conduct that reflects on fitness to practice law.

Here, Ms. Taitz has waived around demonstrably phony documents (the Republic of Kenya was the “Dominion” of Kenya on the date of the fake “Republic of Kenya” birth certificate she’s been brandishing), ignored the state of Hawaii’s own official statement that its records reflect the President was born in Hawaii and failed to explain how a Hawaii newspaper reported on President Obama’s birth back at the time — did the wily conspiracy extend to the president’s grandparents when he was infant?

Ms. Taitz also accused a (Bush-appointee) federal judge in Georgia of “treason” and corruption without any reasonable basis. She reportedly advocated positions contrary to her clients’ direct instruction. And the federal judge sanctioned her for “frivolous” conduct. These are things for which we mere mortal lawyers normally face consequences.

The Cleveland Scene

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