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Judge notes Orly trying to pressure the court

October 5th, 2009 No comments

It won’t work, informs Judge.

In proceedings in Santa Ana, California, in the case of  Barnett v. Obama, Judge David O. Carter complained that Orly had been urging her followers to pressure the court. He said:

Quietly, calmly, Carter replied that he didn’t want to “chill” the audience’s enthusiasm, but the America that Taitz alluded to was not the America he grew up in: one where opposing parties could confront one another in a “thoughtful” manner in the courts and in the legislature. He said that he had heard that Taitz had exhorted followers on her blog to contact the court, and that his receptionist had to take as many as forty calls a day from Taitz’s supporters. “I can assure you that during the proceedings, the government or President Obama haven’t contacted me,” he said. “If there’s any undue pressure [on the court], it’s from you.

The Judge wondered why President Obama should be called to testify about his eligibility to hold office:

“He doesn’t have any memory of his birth,” Carter said.

While I do not have the full transcript, I think Orly replied something like: “In Soviet Union all Citizens are required to remember birth.”

By flooding the court with last minute filings, the final judgment [pun intended] will be delayed as the Judge ponders the complex issues before him. Despite birther spin, there is no indication that the Judge will do anything other than dismiss the case.

Obama ad on Orly website

September 20th, 2009 No comments

You can’t make this stuff up. I almost spilled my lunch when I saw a Barack Obama ad on Orly’s web site!

Obama Ad

Orly Taitz Web Site 9/20/2009

The Obama ad says:

Where was Obama Born? The President was born in Hawaii. Don’t believe the lies. Learn more!

Orly’s Greek chorus (look it up) thinks this is a big plot by Google Ad Sense; but that’s OK. They think they are going to drain Obama dry by clicking on the link. What maroons!